Lis is a tamed Frostbite Spider owned by Gabriella, and resides in a spider nest within the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Falkreath Hold.


Lis' name would appear to suggest it is female. The Dragonborn seems to be unable to gain any information concerning the spider's relationship with the other Dark Brotherhood members. As a result, Lis' origins, as well as the identity of the one who trained the spider, are unknown. Attacking the spider will cause members of the Dark Brotherhood to become hostile and attack.


Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!Edit

Lis will attack the Dragonborn on sight during the latter's assault, by orders of Commander Maro, on the Sanctuary. However, killing Lis during the quest is not compulsory.

Death IncarnateEdit

Lis is killed during the attack on the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary by the Penitus Oculatus Agents.


  • In the small pond in the nest are the skeletal remains of a person named Gaston Bellefort, who was killed by the Dark Brotherhood and fed to Lis.
  • The Dragonborn will not be attacked by the Dark Brotherhood members if they sneak while killing Lis.
  • If Lis is killed before Death Incarnate, her dead body will re-appear during the Penitus Oculatus' assault on the Sanctuary. In addition to this, Lis can be looted once more. This is most likely a developer oversight.
  • If a Fury spell is cast on Lis, the other members of the Dark Brotherhood will kill it without being hostile to the Dragonborn.


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