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Race Nord
Gender Female
Level 6
Class Food Vendor
Services Merchant
Ref ID 000198EA
Base ID 000133A5
"Old Arnleif would be proud of Lisbet. She's kept this place running, thick and thin."

Lisbet is a Nord who runs the Arnleif And Sons Trading Company in Markarth. It is discovered that she is a cannibal during the Daedric quest The Taste of Death.


Her husband has passed away, and she has taken over the shop in his absence. Recently, a group of Forsworn looted her caravan, and stole her Dibella Statue, which she claims is preventing her from making a profit.

During the quest The Taste of Death, Lisbet is revealed to be a cannibal and worshipper of Namira. If her stolen Dibella statue has already been returned and the Dragonborn chooses to kill her during this quest, then the statue can be looted off of her body. However, this is a quest item, and it might not be able to be sold or stored, leaving one stuck with a statue with a weight of two in their inventory. The item number for the statue is 0008F997 in case one needs to remove it from their inventory. If she is killed, Imedhnain will take her place as shopkeeper.

She offers a quest, which is filed as miscellaneous, to find the statue from the Forsworn at a radiant location.

Quest RewardEdit


  • The location where the player may be assigned to retrieve the statue varies, for example: Deepwood RedoubtBroken Tower Redoubt, or Serpent's Bluff Redoubt.
  • During the quest The Taste of Death Lisbet can be seen around the table in Reachcliff Cave. She mentions she inherited her store from her late husband and it was a shame what happened to him because he had "such good taste". In the context of the quest, the ambiguous dialogue could imply she ate him, or that her husband was a cannibal as well.


  • If one ends up having the miscellaneous quest to bring back the statue of Dibella to Lisbet, but she has already been killed during "The Taste of Death", there's no other possibility to get rid of the quest and item other than using a console command to spawn her again. To spawn her, type "player.placeatme 000133A5" in the console: she will spawn nearby and start walking back home, then hand in the quest.
  • If the player returns the statue to Lisbet first and then later kills Lisbet for any reason, such as during "The Taste of Death" quest, it's not advised to take the statue as it still counts as a quest item and cannot be sold or dropped except through console commands.


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