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Not to be confused with Lisbet.
"Stick around! Still plenty of songs to sing and mead to drink."


Lisette is a Breton bard and can be found in Solitude, inside The Winking Skeever.

As with all bards, she takes requests, being able to play three songs. She notes that as a bard, her pay is not very good; however, being surrounded by friends and good music is all she asks for.


State of the festivalEdit

Lisette: "It's too bad the Burning of King Olaf was called off this year. I think some of the younger bards would really have gotten a kick out of it." or "I think our flutist here has gotten better since the Burning of King Olaf."
Vivienne: "Well, you can understand Elisif not wanting it. It is a shame though." or "I'm so glad we got to have it. I thought for sure Elisif would never consent."

Training daysEdit

Vivienne: "Do you miss your days training at the College?"
Lisette: "Absolutely not. I prefer to be near enough to come visit but free to come and go as I please."

Harsh judgesEdit

Vivienne: "I could listen to him/her play all day."
Lisette: "He's/She's okay. A little breathy and a little harsh on the notes."
Vivienne: "Speaking of harsh, you Bards don't cut each other any slack, do you?"
Lisette: "Not in our nature."

A hard woman to pleaseEdit

Una: "I keep coming out here thinking I'll see what others see in this... frivolity."
Lisette: "You're a hard woman to please, Una."
Una: "I'm pleased when the palace is clean, I'm pleased when the beds are made on time, I'm pleased when Erdi isn't around. Most of those don't happen very often."


  • "Feel free to take a seat and make requests."
  • "Have a drink, rest your feet, and stay a little while."
  • "Stick around! Still plenty of songs to sing and mead to drink."
  • "There's nothing like a good song to lift the spirit of troubled ones."
  • "You should think about staying the night. Corpulus keeps a clean inn."



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