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[These pages were bookmarked with a key.]

Entry 1:

I spoke to Chornakus today. He didn't seem to recognize me or even wish to speak to me. We're egg-brothers. We went our separate ways, but our bond has always remained. Entry 2:

I noticed Chornakus entering and leaving the old Silyanorn ruins. Others have as well, but the ruins are long abandoned. I must find a way inside. Entry 3:

I managed to find a key, but one of the Argonians I saw near the ruins yesterday suspects something. Caution is my watchword; I'll try tomorrow.

Entry 4:

Saw Chornakus and two others carry a man with a sack over head into the ruins. Recognized Hrondar's armor. I signaled the vicecanons. This is too big for me.


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