"Keba isn't too fond of Red Mountain. She didn't like Ash Mountain much either. I think she has something against volcanoes. Or mountains."

Littid is a Nord pilgrim in Vivec City on Vvardenfell. He can be found in Saint Delyn Waistworks. He is the owner of Keba.


So you're new to Vvardenfell? "When the Pact formed I told myself it was time to visit our newfound allies. So I've been to the swamps of the lizards and lands of the puny Elves. It's been a great journey so far, but Keba hates to travel."

Why bring your dog then? "Shor's bones, you expect me to travel alone? Or worse yet, you want me to leave poor Keba with my mother? That would just be cruel. I wouldn't want to wish that on a dog. Er, you know what I mean."