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Llandras Belaal is a Dunmer sorcerer who lives in Balmora.


At night he preaches to the Nerevarine about the Sixth House and Dagoth Ur. He is a sleeper agent and under the influence of Dagoth Ur. If the Nerevarine isn't a Dunmer and asks about the Sixth House, his disposition drops. If it drops too low, he may attack.

Talking to Llandras after the spell has been broken results in one reputation point gained.


He wears Chitin Boots, Cloth Left and Right Bracers as armor, along with Common Pants and a Common Shirt. He can either use a Steel Dagger or an Iron Bow with 100 Iron Arrows

He also carries a Repair Hammer and a Torch with ingredients of Kwama Cuttle, Marshmerrow and Saltrice. He also carries three Kwama Eggs.

He has 236 GoldIcon in his inventory.