"On behalf of House Redoran and as Councilor of Raven Rock, I bid you welcome."
―Lleril Morvayn[src]

Lleril Morvayn is a Dunmer who resides in Raven Rock as First Councilor and represents House Redoran.


His mother was Brara Morvayn, who was a House Redoran councilor, who ran Raven Rock during the Red Year. After the death of his mother, he took over running Raven Rock. He runs Raven Rock much like his mother did during her rule; fair and just. He places much confidence and trust in his Second Councilor, Adril Arano, who has been a lifelong friend to him.


Served ColdEdit

The Morag Tong have targeted him for assassination as retribution for the death of a member of House Hlaalu by one of his ancestors.


House RedoranEdit

What is House Redoran?: "You've never heard of House Redoran? We're the mightiest of the Great Houses and we lead the Council, the ruling body of Morrowind."

Council? You mean there is no Jarl?: "This isn't Skyrim, outlander. A group of powerful and influential Dunmer families have been ruling Morrowind for millennia. They embody a council made up of five Great Houses: Telvanni, Dres, Indoril, Sadras, and Redoran."
But you said Redoran leads the Council.: "Well of course. With four other houses on the Council, someone has to keep the rabble organized. Our house leads the council by virtue of our preeminence in battle, wisdom, and ancestral glory."
Sounds rather complicated.: "Yes, I imagine it would to someone not of our people. If you're interested in pursuing the subject, help yourself to any of the historical volumes in my library."