Not to be confused with Llevana Salaren.
"You bastard! How many more people are going to "pay the price"? How many more have to die just so you can earn another gold coin?"
―Llevana Nedaren[src]

TES4 Nedaren youbastard

Llevana Nedaren is a Dunmer farmer residing in her home in Cheydinhal. She is involved in the quest Corruption and Conscience.


Corruption and ConscienceEdit

During the quest, the Hero will have two choices; they can either take Llevana's side or Garrus Darelliun's side. Llevana is enraged at the fines Ulrich Leland has been charging the townsfolk with, and criticizes the guards on their behavior.

Llevana has been observing Aldos Othran and was soon going to shelter him, as he was evicted from his home. However, once she learns he has been killed by a city guard while trying to reclaim his house, she decides to take one final action. If Llevana's side is chosen, she will ask the Hero to lure Ulrich Leland into her house, where she will summon giant rats to kill him, completing the quest.

Llevana will be arrested by Garrus Darelliun, and can be visited at the Cheydinhal prison, where she will tell the Hero that she is proud of what she has done. Garrus states that he was forced to arrest her by law and that she will be released shortly.