Llevana Nedaren's House is the residence of Llevana Nedaren and is located in the southeastern part of Cheydinhal. This three story building include a basement as well and is locked.

On the first floor is a sitting area with shelves with cutlery and some books, a wine rack with cheap wine and a broom.

Upstairs is a large room that is divided into a bedroom at one end and a dining area in one end, ready for a meal. There is also an area where Llevana can prepare for her meals, with a cupboard filled with food items. On the bookshelf are some books and some more cutlery. A flight of stairs leads up to a sewing room as there are a few folded cloths on the table. On the side is a chest with some valuables.

Llevana Nedaren's BasementEdit

In the small basement are some barrels and crates with various miscellaneous items and food items. There is a chest with some armor and wine racks with Tamika's West Weald Wine and Surilie Brothers Wine.