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Sahrotaar and Miraak

A loading screen in Dragonborn

For other uses, see Loading Screens.
"Some tales tell of ancient Nord heroes whose Voices were powerful enough to tame and ride dragons."
―A loading screen from The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn

Loading Screens appear when a new area is loaded. Along with an interactive three-dimensional model related to the area, a message is displayed that can often be of help, especially to new players.

Once you reach Solstheim, the player will be able to view many new screens ranging from tales about Miraak and Hermaeus Mora, to Skaal armor.

Lore screensEdit

Gameplay screensEdit

Creatures screensEdit

  • Ash Spawn began to appear on Solstheim after the massive eruptions of Red Mountain early in the Fourth Era covered the southern part of the island in ash. Their exact origins are unknown.
  • Lurkers are thought to be native to the murky waters of Hermaeus Mora's realm of Apocrypha.
  • Netch are often domesticated on the Morrowind mainland. Wild netch were first sighted on Solstheim several decades ago, perhaps drawn by the familiar flora that has grown up in the southern ashlands.
  • One of the most dangerous Steam Animunculi is the Dwarven Ballista, which fires a bolt that can penetrate even the thickest armor.
  • Rieklings have little culture of their own, but scavenge what relics they can from around Solstheim and form strange attachments to what they find.
  • Rieklings may be small in stature, but they attack in swarms and can be fearsome in melee combat. They are even known to tame and ride boars into battle.
  • Seekers are servants of Hermaeus Mora. They are rarely seen outside his Oblivion realm of Apocrypha.

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