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Locate the Assassin of Old

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Locate the Assassin of Old
Locate the Assassin of Old
Quest Giver Olava the Feeble
Location Deepwood Redoubt
Prerequisite Obtain Olava's Token from Gabriella
Reward Ancient Shrouded Armor
Faction Dark Brotherhood
Quest ID DBOlavaReadingTreasureObjective
Locate the Assassin of Old is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


After completing the miscellaneous quest Receive a reading from Olava the Feeble, this miscellaneous quest is received, and begins in Deepwood Redoubt. Immediately after passing through the burial room close to the entrance, a chest and a dead adventurer can be found by jumping up the rocks on the right.

On the way through Deepwood Redoubt, several Forsworn are encountered. Beyond, in Deepwood Vale, there are more Forsworn in a camp. Finally, up multiple sets of stairs leading east, there is Hag's End, where Witches and a Hagraven are fought. Three more witches are encountered in the throne room of Hag's End. The door behind the throne can be opened by activating the handle.

Inside the secret room the dead Dark Brotherhood Assassin, named the Assassin of Old, can be found. By looting his corpse the Ancient Shrouded Armor is gained. Additionally, there is a chest behind him containing more treasure. Further through the gates is a word wall with the Slow Time shout.


This section contains bugs related to Locate the Assassin of Old. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

  1. Confirm all bugs with other editors on the talk page before adding them below.
  2. Always try reloading an old save first, before asking for assistance.
  3. Do not discuss possible bug fixes or origins. Leave those and all other first-person-anecdotes on the talk page, not the article.
  4. Always add  360  ,  PS3  , or  PC   to clarify which system the bug appears on.
  •  360  Hag's End may need to be cleared multiple times before the Assassin's corpse appears. The corpse may never appear, which makes it impossible to complete the quest without a resolution.
  •  360   PS3  There is a hagraven inside who, if hit with a hard enough destruction spell, will literally glitch through the wall visible with the Aura shout. If this happens it is waiting outside in Deep Vale.
  • There is a chance that when the door out of Deepwood Redoubt is left, the Dragonborn may drop down into a crevice where it is only possible to exit with fast travel.
  • It is possible to get the Ancient Shrouded Armor set by taking a Platter (works best) and glitching through the wall. A second one is needed to glitch back out.
  • It is possible to obtain infinite amounts of the armor. If Dead Thrall is used on the corpse after taking the armor, then exiting and reentering (through a loading screen) will cause him to have another set. This can be repeated forever.
  • It is also possible that the corpse will not appear at all. The quest will be completed, but the set of Ancient Shrouded Armor cannot be acquired.

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