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The following is a list of all locations found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Dawnstar Dawnstar

Falkreath Falkreath

MarkarthSide Markarth

Morthal Morthal

Riften Riften

Solitude Solitude

Whiterun Whiterun

Windhelm Windhelm

Winterhold Winterhold


SkyrimTownIcon Homesteads

Settlementicon Settlements

Daedricshrineicon Daedric Shrines

Guardianstone Standing Stones

Landmarksicon Landmarks

Campsicon Camps

CaveIcon Caves

Clearingsicon Clearings

Docksicon Docks

Dragonlairicon Dragon Lairs

Dwarvenruinicon Dwarven Ruin

Farmsicon Farms

Forticon Forts

Giantscampicon Giant Camps

Grovesicon Groves

Imperialcampicon Imperial Camps

Lighthousesicon Lighthouses

Mineicon Mines

Nordictowericon Nordic Towers

Orcstronghold Orc Strongholds

Passesicon Passes

Ruinsicon Ruins

Shacksicon Shacks

Shipwrecksicon Ships and Shipwrecks

Stablesicon Stables

Stormcloakcampicon Stormcloak Camps

Tomb Tombs

Watchtowericon Watchtowers

Wheatmillsicon Wheat Mills

Woodmillsicon Lumber Mills

Bodies of Water

Inns and Taverns


Word Wall Locations


Guild Headquarters

Unmarked Locations

For a full list, see Unmarked Locations (Skyrim).


  • If Dawnguard is installed, vampires will attack towns and cities which may lead to the death of many non-essential characters, quest characters, merchants, and even followers.
  • Skuldafn can only be accessed once during the game. Once left, it is impossible to return to it.

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  1. Appears after completing Battle for Windhelm and is marked with the symbol for shipwrecks

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