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Locket of Saint Jiub
Base Armor:
5 ArmorIcon
0.5 WeightIcon
Base Value:
2422 GoldIcon
Additional Effects:
Carrying Capacity increased by 50 points.
Stamina increased by 50 points.
Class: Light Armor, Jewelry, Amulet
Upgrade Material: N/A
Perk: None
ID: xx018b91

The Locket of Saint Jiub is a unique light armor amulet found in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard.


The Locket of Saint Jiub is given to the Dragonborn by Jiub upon completion of the quest "Impatience of a Saint" by finding all of the pages of Saint Jiub's Opus in the Soul Cairn. In addition to receiving the amulet, the Dragonborn also receives a finished copy of his book as a reward.

Unlike most amulets (excluding the Amulet of Articulation) this amulet has an armor rating of 5 due to its light armor class.


Though classified as Light Armor, the Locket of Saint Jiub is an amulet, and cannot be improved at a workbench, regardless of any perks chosen. With the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, the locket can be improved using gold ingots.


Wearing this amulet grants the following skill bonuses:


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