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Lockpicks are tools used to open locks in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. These are crucial in the progression and execution of the Lockpicking skill set and a staple in the arsenal of any thief. One of the key roles in the game itself, some quests may require the use of lockpicks; however, alternatives are often available. When a person is sent to jail it is usually possible to smuggle in one lockpick to facilitate escape.


Because keeping The Skeleton Key directly interferes with completion of the quest Darkness Returns, the use of ordinary lockpicks is not ruled out unless it was decided to keep it; however, keeping it will inflict a penalty on the lockpicking and pickpocketing skills by 25%. Since lockpicks do not weigh anything and break easily with lower lockpicking skills and higher difficulty locks, carrying multiples is not uncommon.

By leveling the lockpicking skill up to 100 and spending a minimum of six perks in the skill tree, all lockpicks become unbreakable. If the perk is needed elsewhere, it is possible to just stockpile lockpicks, as they are abundant and cheap.


  • Can be looted from Bandits, Forsworn, and Thieves
  • Looted from chests at any level
  • Looted from other containers such as dressers
  • Pickpocketed from people (most people carry them)
  • Sold by blacksmiths, fences, general goods vendors, Khajiit Caravans, Skooma dealers, hunting supply shops, and inn keepers
  • Lying around in homes, dungeons, caves, and in the Thieves Guild hideout

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