"You were among the crew that arrived with Lambur, yes? I envy you, free to see the world and make your life whatever you wish."

Lokra is an Orsimer in Stonetooth Fortress. She is the chief's daughter but instead of waiting to be wed to another clan, she wants to be an adventurer, sail and see the world before she gets married.

Later in the game when the Vestige talks to her on the ship if she made the choice to go exploring, she will say:

"Daggerfall! I can't believe I'm here. I've read stories, but the city itself is inspiring. I can't wait to go exploring. I think I made the right choice."


Daughter of SeamountEdit

The hunt-wife of the Seamount clan thinks the chief's daughter is not mindful of her duties to the clan. She believes the Vestige can help sort things out.


Lokra can later be found on a ship in Wayrest Docks along with several of Kaleen's former crew. If the Vestige interact with her, they'll know what she's been up to since leaving Betnikh.


  • "I would enjoy the honor and responsibility of being a chief's wife. I just want to see the world, to live my life, before I marry for the good of the clan."