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"Can't keep fighting...need help...our under attack."

Long-Claw is an Argonian located in Xal Ithix, Shadowfen. She is likely the first character the Vestige will encounter upon entering Xal Ithix.


Long-Claw has lived in Xal Ithix for her whole life as a scavenger, even as a hatchling. Scavengers are a group of hunter-gatherers from Xal Ithix who help the village survive by scavenging for supplies around the nearby marshes.


Deep DisturbanceEdit

Something caused the creatures in Xal Ithix's swamps to become aggressive and attack the villagers. The hunter the Vestige met in Xal Ithix says if they want to know what's happening in the swamp, they need to talk to Tree-Minder Nexith in his hut.


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