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Long Lost Lore

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TESOnlineIcon Long Lost Lore
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Quest Giver Valaste
Location Vulkhel Guard
Level 8
Region Auridon
Prerequisite Join the Mages Guild
Faction Mages Guild
Reward Amulet of Eyevea
Gold Reward 228 GoldIcon
Type Mages Guild questline
Long Lost Lore is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.

A high-ranking member of the Mages Guild, Valaste wants me to perform a task for her.

I must find a ruin nearby, which Valaste says may hold a store of ancient knowledge.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Valaste
  2. Enter the ruins
  3. Retrive the tomes (4)
  4. Return to the Mages Guild
  5. Talk to Valaste
  6. Place the Tome on the Arcane Brazier
  7. Talk to Valaste
  8. Summon Arch-Mage Shalidor
    1. Hints: Use the Ritual Orb
  9. Follow Valaste
  10. Talk to Arch-Mage Shalidor
  11. Enter the Portal to Sheogrorath's Shrine
  12. Talk to Haskill
  13. Close the Portal
  14. Talk to Haskill
  15. Wait for Haskill to Open the Door
  16. Explore the Hollow
  17. Kill Gutsripper
  18. Take the Tomes
  19. Talk to Sheogorath
  20. Observe the Conversation
  21. Talk to Arch-Mage Shalidor
  22. Talk to Valaste at the Mage's Guild


Valaste asks the Vestige to go to the Ayleid Ruin of Silumm and retrieve a few tomes. When the tomes have been takes Arch Mage Shalidor appears and speaks to the player. When the Vestige returns to the Mages Guild Valaste helps to summon Shalidor. Shalidor informs the player that the haven Eyvea he had created for all mages had been stolen by the daedric prince Sheogorath. He asks the player to retrieve four tomes that will help him recreate Eyvea. Shalidor opens a portal to Cheesemonger's Hollow.

There the player meets Haskill. Haskill demands that the player closes a portal that different daedra are pouring out of. When the player has closed the portal Haskill opens the door to the Hollow. The player needs to make their way past Scamps, Golden Saints and Dark Seducers and then defeat the boss Clannfear Gutsripper. But after the player takes the first tome, the rest disappears and Sheogorath appears instead. Sheogorath promises to give the player the books if they complete various tasks for him. Sheogorath then summons Shalidor and informs him about the deal and also that Shalidor won't be able to read the books. Shalidor then sends the player back to the Mages Guild hall. The player gives the tome to Valaste and is rewarded for their efforts.



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