"Every night since the massacre, I've dreamt of the horrors the Jade Butcher brought to Cormount. It seems fitting to meet the one who brought her to justice on the very spot she slew the Blacksap. I wonder, will I have nightmares of you?"

Lorchon is a Bosmer found near the Battle of Courmount Memorial. He and his brother are the founders of a Bosmer group opposed to the Aldmeri Dominion known as the second Blacksap Rebellion.


Lorchon and his brother, Gorinir, both founded the Second Blacksap rebellion in response to Queen Ayrenn and her invasion of their land, believing it to be wrong. Their father, Gelthior, has been missing for a year and is assumed dead.


The Blacksap's HoldEdit


  • The Blacksap Rebellion needed my family to begin, and now it lives in the heart of the people. It will flourish, in time. But I'd rather be at my father's side when it happens.