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Lord's Mail is an Imperial Legion quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

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Journal Entry
Varus Vatinius has told me that in order to become a Knight of the Garland, I must prove my worth by returning two legendary artifacts to the Order. First, he would like me to return the Lord's Mail, which recently disappeared from the Shrine in the Imperial Commission in Ebonheart. He has given me the key and permission to inspect the Shrine.
  • Quest accepted
I've found the Lord's Mail being held by Furius Acilius in a cave complex below Ebonheart. He apparently used a secret entrance to sneak into the Shrine and steal the mail.
I returned the Lord's Mail to Varus Vatinius.
The second artifact Varus wants me to bring him is the Paladin's Blade, Chrysamere. It is rumored to be in the possession of Draramu Hloran, a powerful sorcerer near Sadrith Mora.
I was told Draramu Hloran is in the Abanabi Caves, southwest of Sadrith Mora.
I have returned Chrysamere to Varus Vatinius, who was glad to have the powerful weapon returned to the Legion.
  • Quest completed