"As soon as we've finished moving back into my manor, I'm going to plan a hunting trip. This adventure's got my blood up!"
―Lord Arcady Noellaume[src]

Lord Arcady Noellaume is a Breton noble held hostage with his wife and other members of the family, by the Red Rook Bandits in their house outside Daggerfall.

After the Vestige has rescued him and his companions he plans to go on a hunting trip as he thinks the ordeal they went through was a great adventure.


Farlivere's GambitEdit

The Red Rook Bandits attacked a caravan and escaped to a noble's house on the outskirts of Daggerfall, where they've taken hostages.

Disorganized CrimeEdit

The hostages need a clear path to escape the wolves and the Red Rook Bandits. The Vestige must distract the bandits so they can go free out of the house.