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"The wraith of Lord Vlindrel used the Sword against Sir Roderic. I don't know how it twisted the holy sword to its evil purpose."

Vlindrel quote

Lord Berich Vlindrel is a gloom wraith in The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine. It is the evil form of Sir Berich, and is encountered by the Hero during the quest "The Sword of the Crusader" in Underpall Cave.

Background Edit

Lord Vlindrel came to possess the Sword of the Crusader after slaying Sir Roderic, who had found it in Underpall Cave along with the Greaves of the Crusader. His squire, Lathon, had brought the Hero the greaves, and informed them of Sir Roderic's fate.

The Hero must kill Lord Vlindrel to obtain the sword, and cleanse it at The Great Chapel of Arkay in Cheydinhal, because the sword has become corrupted by Lord Vlindrel.


The Faithful SquireEdit

After collecting several pieces of the Relics of the Crusader, return to the Priory of the Nine.

The Sword of the CrusaderEdit

Slay Lord Berich Vlindrel and obtain the Sword of the Crusader.


ID Lvl Health-icon MagickaIcon STA Spell-icon
xx000fb2 1-6 18×(lvl) 25x(lvl) 50x(lvl) Winter's Grasp
Frost Bolt
xx000f99 7-10 18×(lvl+1) 20x(lvl+1) 50x(lvl+1) Winter's Grasp
Frost Bolt
xx000f98 11-15 23×(lvl+1) 13x(lvl+1) 25x(lvl+1) Winter's Grasp
Frost Bolt
xx000f97 16-20 13x(lvl) 10x(lvl) 15x(lvl) Winter's Grasp
Frost Bolt
xx000f96 21+ 24x(lvl) 6x(lvl) 10x(lvl) Winter's Grasp
Frost Bolt

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