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She's coming again tonight, though it won't be a private visit. Just another meeting of the powers that be to dicsuss our common problems. A woman of her bearing shouldn't have to be bothered with "common problems," but at least she's happy to accept my help.

I wonder if she'll wear her pirate sash tonight? I love when she wears her pirate sash. It gives Fortunata such a swashbuckling air that I can barely resist reaching our and swabbing her decks. (Oh, that's clever! I'll have to work that into our next conversation.)

Whenever I'm confounded by such thoughts, I find the view of the sea from my terrace washes away all my cares. Not to mention the wine, which does its share.

Perhaps I can persuade Fortunata to linger after our business is done. I'll break out my best vintage and bring her to this spot. We can drink in the scenery. Together.