"By the Three! Show your devotion to Morrowind's Living Gods with furnishings inspired by Lord Vivec, the Tribunal Temple, and Vvardenfell."
―Crown Store Showcase[src]

The Lord Vivec Set is a discontinued homestead furnishing pack for The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind formerly available on the Crown Store for a limited time. It featured unique furniture seen in Vivec's Palace and the Temple Canton of Vivec City, most of it being exclusive to the bundle.


This bundle contained the following:

  • 2x Banner, Vivec (Parlor, Banners)
  • Statue, Vivec’s Triumph (Courtyard, Statues)
  • 2x Seal of Vivec (Undercroft, Symbolic Decor)
  • Sigil of Vivec (Gallery, Art)
  • 2x Tapestry, Vivec (Parlor, Tapestries)
  • The Cliff-Strider Song (Library, Literature)
  • Tribunal Tablet of Almalexia (Gallery, Art)
  • Tribunal Tablet of Sotha Sil (Gallery, Art)
  • 4x Velothi Brazier, Temple (Lighting, Braziers)
  • Vivec’s Divination Pool (Courtyard, Fountains)
  • Vivec’s Grand Bed (Suite, Bedding)
  • Vivec’s Grand Throne (Gallery, Thrones)