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Lord Woodborne's private journal.
Page 7 from childhood.

I know that Gothryd would not refuse his aid, but I must bide my time to ask. After all, Elysana is still heiress of Wayrest and I am her betrothed. So it should be that when Eadwyre dies (which he is bound to do, sooner rather than later) I will be king. If it weren't for that bitch queen and her brats, I would and could be patient. Never trust a dark elf the old saying goes, for you cannot read truth in their eyes. If Barenziah has her way, Helseth will be heir and Elysana will be married off to some far- off kingdom. Morgiah is already promised to the heir of Firsthold, but they keep her around to spread the poison against Elysana, and especially, me. Barenziah doesn't trust me, this I can tell. I will deal with her just as I did with Lysandus. The fool should have agreed to support me. Gortwog and his orcs almost saved him. I'll deal with those sub-humans once I sit upon the throne of Wayrest. First it is important to solidify my power base. I can (almost certainly) rely on Gothryd to support my bid for the throne, if Helseth is made heir. I have a spy network equalling Eadwyre, Gothryd, Akorith-i, or the Emperor. Perhaps the Necromancers and the Underking's networks are more extensive, but I doubt it. The problem is raw physical power. I do not have a standing army. I need the gold to raise…