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"There are loremaster among you, heads so heavy with learning that you cannot raise your eyes to the heavens to see the truth there written!"
The Prophet[src]


Lore is the history and events that have happened in The Elder Scrolls universe since its creation. Many stories and adventures that have taken place in Tamriel are considered to be a part of the lore, though much of the lore is comprised of recorded events that are not experienced in any of the games. Most of the lore in The Elder Scrolls comes from the continent of Tamriel, in which currently all the games have taken place. Some lore is from the other continents surrounding Tamriel on Nirn, such as Atmora and Akavir, and from the many realms of Oblivion.

Some of the Et'Ada helped create the mortal plane, Mundus. These Et'Ada became the Aedra, while those who left the creation of Mundus became the Magna-Ge, while another group of Et'Ada known as the Daedra had no part in Creation, but instead, decided to make their own realm known as Oblivion. However, some of the Aedra chose to live in Nirn. They later evolved into Elhnofey, the ancestors of man and mer.  


There are three realms these are:

  • Mundus – The realm in which all mortals reside, It consists of multiple planets.
  • Oblivion – This is the realm where all Daedra reside. Each Daedric prince controls their own piece of oblivion, each differs greatly for every prince.[1]
  • Aetherius – This is where the Magna Ge reside.


In The Elder Scrolls, there are Eras that divide the timeline into chapters. There are currently six eras that have been recorded. These are:

Description of Nirn and TamrielEdit

Nirn is the planet on which Tamriel lies.

The continent of Tamriel is divided into nine provinces:[2]

Other continents located in Nirn:

Sentient races of TamrielEdit

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