"Name's Bragur. I tend the books and the artifacts here. A thousand stories in every one."
―Loremaster Bragur[src]

Loremaster Bragur is a Nord found at the Skald's Retreat.


Guard the KnowledgeEdit


Guard the KnowledgeEdit

"Hey, you! You're awake, yeah?"

Er, yes? Who are you? "Name's Bragur. I tend the books and the artifacts here. A thousand stories in every one. You're up and around. Ask your help? Pint of mead in it for you! If I ever go drinking again."
What can I do for you, Bragur? "Get my books back! Her nightmares crawled all over the shelves, pulled out anything that referenced herself or her Dreamers. Now they're out there in the cold, getting ratty."
I'll grab any books I can find. "Wish I could have taken a blade to those Quagmire bastards myself."
How are you holding up? "Still strong as a horker! Too stubborn for the Queen of Nightmares to get her claws in."
Why did Vaermina's nightmares steal your books? "When I think of their little claws on my tomes. Yach! She's the jealous type, Vaermina is. Doesn't like anyone knowing too much about her. Wants to keep her little secrets. Ysgramor take her!"
Can you tell me anything about Vaermina? "Sure enough there's plenty of stories about her. Queen of nightmares, dreams, sign of ill omen. Her followers are called the Supernal Dreamers, and they spend their days trying to bring nightmares to life."

(After finding the books)
"You have the books? Next time we're at a tavern, I'll buy you two drinks!"

I found these books around the island. "You've done us a good turn! I'd hate to think of the knowledge we could have lost. You have my thanks. And my mead!"