The Missing Apprentices is an unused quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Originally, Bethesda intended this to be a secondary quest line given by Phinis Gestor at the College of Winterhold, but the quest was never completed.


Upon speaking to Phinis Gestor, the discussion does not create a quest entry in the logbook. After finding the students and their respective belongings, there's no dialogue option to inform Phinis of their fate.

The Dragonborn can still hear the story about the missing students simply by asking Phinis and the students can still be found.

The four missing students were:Edit

Phinis' dialogueEdit

You said something about missing Apprentices? "Ah, that. Yes, the group prior to yours has disappeared entirely. It's possible that there was less than the necessary amount of oversight. That's still being looked into. But we've had no contact with them for quite some time now. Arniel wondered if perhaps they'd somehow managed to get themselves lost in the Outer Realms, but I think that's giving them too much credit."

How long have they been missing? "I hadn't really considered it in terms of time. I suppose it's been at least a month. Let me think... what were they working on?"
Where could they have gone? "I'm not sure. None of them were working on anything terribly dangerous. As I recall, Yisra was trying to improve flame cloak spells to better work in Skyrim's harsh environment. Ilas-Tei was practicing Illusions spells. She was having trouble with the calm spells, I believe, but only ever worked with skeevers. And then there's Borvir and Rundi. Twins, though they rarely agreed on anything. Those two boys were obsessed with mead. Convinced they could concoct something to compete with Honningbrew. Something about using Frost magic to chill the mead for a certain period of time. I felt it was a waste, but the Arch-Mage let them proceed."


  • Borvir is the only member who can be found at a marked location.
  • Due to being incomplete, this quest does not have any stages or objectives.