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Lost Echo Cave

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"A mighty lord deserves a mighty offering
But he who fell on this spot asked to be remembered humbly
We who served at his hand, however, do not want his brilliance to be forgotten
Thus, to honor him, one needs only to look to the simple, glowing fungus on these cave walls
For no matter how mighty or humble one may be in life
We all return to the same ground from which this mushroom blooms"
Old Tome[src]

Lost Echo Cave is a cave located in northwestern Skyrim, in Haafingar Hold.


Stairs climb from the main road to this cave, which has a wooden door. It appears to be an old Nordic tomb. It seems to be empty at first glance, consisting of only two rooms, but a secret door opens if a Glowing Mushroom is burned in the ceremonial brazier. Inside are Falmer and their chaurus, along with three chests. Numerous Chaurus Eggs and Glowing mushrooms can also be found in this cave.


Fetch Me That Book!Edit

Urag gro-Shub may send the Dragonborn here to retrieve a copy of a book.

Rescue MissionEdit

Silana Petreia may appear here if the quest from the Companions to rescue her has been taken.

Notable itemsEdit



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