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Lost Valley Redoubt is a sprawling ruin at the southwestern portion of The Reach and is located about halfway between Markarth and Falkreath. It is situated at the river-head of the Karth River. The ruins are home to an encampment of Forsworn and Hagravens. At the top, by the waterfall, near Bard's Leap Summit (behind hide screens), a Word Wall is guarded by two Hagravens.



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  • There are two Silver Ore veins here.
  • If the Dragonborn jumps off the nearby Bard's Leap Summit and survives, the ghost of a bard will tell a story and increase the Speech skill by one.
  • It's possible to use Unrelenting Force on the Hagravens or Briarheart at the top of the cliff, only to have them land in the deep pool of Bard's Leap Summit and survive. The player must then face them again if they travel back down the valley.
  • There are no underground segments to Lost Valley Redoubt, making it one of the few above ground "dungeons" in the game.
  • If sneaking through the Forsworn encampment to reach the top, the dialogue of the Forsworn centers around the fact that one of them has decided to give his heart to "the hags" and become a Briarheart.
  • If one sneaks up on the hagravens, it is possible to catch them performing the dark ritual which turns a human Forsworn into a Forsworn Briarheart. The Briarheart may revive and attack.
  • The Forsworn sitting at the grindstone (a short way up the path through the ruins) jokes to himself about how a Nord's skull is the only useful thing about them. Draped across his grindstone is the body of a Nord whom he was likely "processing".


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