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Low Slash is an active skill in the One Hand and Shield skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Deals 8 Physical Damage and snares target 60% for 9 seconds. Reduces target's Weapon Damage by 15% for 9 seconds.


  • Unlocked at One Hand and Shield rank 4.
  • Requires 1 skill point.

Morph skillsEdit

After reaching rank 4 in this skill, it is possible to Morph it:

Deep SlashEdit

  • Reduces target's damage.
  • U5: This ability now hits up to three enemies. [1]

Crippling SlashEdit

  • Adds immobilize.
  • U3: This ability now has a visual effect to indicate that your target is immobilized. [2]
  • U5: This ability now adds 5 Ultimate on hit. [1]




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