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Luckless Lucina is an Imperial beggar who can be found in Cheydinhal and is often seen outside of the Cheydinhal Mages Guild or the Great Chapel of Arkay. Her bedroll is behind Willow Bank beside the wall.

If her Disposition is high enough, she will mention how to find the Gray Fox, otherwise she will not help. After joining the guild, she can provide information on Llathasa's Bust.

Related questsEdit

Finding the Thieves GuildEdit

The Hero will be introduced to Armand Christophe.

The Elven MaidenEdit

The Thieves Guild has a need to "acquire" Llathasa's Bust from her tomb. While the job looks simple, it has more to it then a simple theft.

Speechcraft TrainingEdit

The Altmer Tandilwe requests the Hero to talk to every beggar in the Imperial City, before she can offer training in Speechcraft.