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Lucky Lorenz

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Lucky Lorenz
Race Nord
Gender Male
Level PCx0.5
Class Bandit
Ref ID 000ECF81
Base ID 000ECF85

Lucky Lorenz is a deceased hunter found in Lucky Lorenz's Shack, an unmarked location across the river west of the Abandoned Prison.

Lucky Lorenz can sometimes be found floating in the water underneath the stairs in the front of the crushed house.

Notable itemsEdit



  • The character's name, coupled with the fact that a falling tree has apparently crushed his house and killed him, is an example of Bethesda's trademark dark humor.
  • Lucky Lorenz is found with a copy of The Lusty Argonian Maid lying by his body.
  • A shrine of Dibella can be found inside the shack.
  • If spawned via Console Commands he will act like a fisherman.


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