Lugnikh is an Orsimer ghost found in the Temple of Mourning Springs after the quest "Tears of the Two Moons" has been completed and the ghosts have returned to the temple. He talks about how he is still alive and that the Vestige is the one who is actually dead.


"I shouldn't be able to see you. It looks like the Mourning Stone brought the spirits out in the temple courtyard. Can you hear me?"

I can hear you: "I'm not sure how to tell you this, or even if you'll understand, but you died at Uldor's hands."

What? "I know its hard to understand, but you're trapped as a spirit within the walls of this temple. Look around. Can't you see how you stand out from most everyone around here? I can pray to Arkay to help you move on, if that's all right with you."
You seem very confused: "I knew you wouldn't understand. The dead never realize they're dead. Walk with Arkay, spirit."
"Arkay, please hear my prayer. Take this lost soul, as the wind lifts a flower's seeds. Shepherd this spirit to a place where memories of pain and fear are replaced with fulfilment and tranquility. What's happening? Why does everything fade?"