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Lunar Forge

The Lunar Forge is an unmarked location in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


An ancient forge that was at one point in time used to craft magical weapons. Its name is derived from the unique enchantment that the weapons crafted at this forge bear.


The Lunar Forge can be found in Silent Moons Camp, at the top of the stairs and inside the small barrow.

Lunar WeaponsEdit

Main article: Lunar Weapons

Inside the barrow on the workbench is a book called Notes on the Lunar Forge which describes information pertaining to the crafting of Lunar Weapons using the forge.

Furthermore, several Lunar weapons can be found nearby the forge, including under the grindstone.

In order for the Lunar Forge to work, It must be under direct moonlight, thus the name Lunar Forge. A Lunar weapon can be disenchanted and the Silent Moons Enchant learned. This allows the unique enchantment to be applied to other weapons. In order for the crafting of Lunar Weapons to be successful the Dragonborn must wait until both of Tamriel's moons have lined up.

Note: The presence of night does not necessarily mean the forge is affected by the moonlight.


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