"He is, by all accounts, the worst bard in all of Skyrim."


Lurbuk is an Orsimer bard and can be found in Moorside Inn, in the city of Morthal.


"Apparently so many people sought his death, Astrid had to hold a lottery to determine the client."


A graduate of the prestigious Bards College in Solitude, Lurbuk has quite the reputation in Skyrim: he is widely acknowledged as the absolute worst bard in all of Tamriel.

The innkeeper is also not a fan of Lurbuk, but allows him to continue playing because "business is so slow."

His daily schedule involves playing at the inn during the day and periodically taking breaks. He also sleeps at the inn.


Contract: Kill LurbukEdit

It seems that due to his terrible reputation as a bard, several parties have requested for him to be assassinated. In fact, Nazir claims that Astrid had to hold a lottery to determine whose request would be honored.

Laid to RestEdit

If Lurbuk has not been killed, he'll be one of the men assigned by the Jarl to assist in killing the master vampire.


Lurbuk's serenadesEdit

Lurbuk "Jonna, do you think that the townspeople are warming to my serenades?"
Jonna "No. They ain't. And they aren't gonna. If you weren't paying for your room, I'd have thrown you out a long time ago."
Lurbuk "Yes. But they'll come around. You'll see."
Jonna "Oh. I wouldn't be surprised if they came 'round. And you're never seen or heard from again."

Immortalized in songEdit

Lurbuk "I'm thinking about composing a song about you, Jonna. Would you prefer I proclaim your beauty, your strength, your..."
Jonna "Nah. Just...don't. Leave me outta it."
Lurbuk "No interest in being immortalized in song? Remembered and praised for all eternity?"
Jonna "No. I mean it."
Lurbuk "When I'm known throughout Tamriel, you'll regret this decision."


Lami "Um...this place looks dangerous."
Jorgen "And it looks creepy, too."
Benor "And its full of vampires?"
Thonnir "Cowards! We must kill the vampires! We have to make them pay!"
Lurbuk "Of course. But why not let him/her [referencing player character] go in first?"


  • If anyone kills Lurbuk before the Contract: Kill Lurbuk quest, Chief Burguk will send a party of hired thugs after them or, if he is killed while incognito, e.g. as a werewolf, Chief Burguk will send a letter thanking the Dragonborn.
  • Jonna will continue to mention Lurbuk, even after his assassination.


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