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For other uses, see Lute.

The Lute is an instrument used by bards, and can also be found in homes and inns. The lute as it appears in-game is a fretted, eight-string instrument. The pegs resemble those of many old instruments, including, but not limited to: lutes, cellos, and violins. A lute has a deep round back, in contrast to the similar named instrument found in Skyrim. The Skyrim instrument instead resembles the French lyre-guitar, possessing two horn-shaped struts that appear to be structural supports. These appear to be decorated to look like the head and neck of a dragon. The Dragonborn cannot use lutes, but the instruments can be put into their inventory. 


Find Finn's LuteEdit

The Dragonborn must find his lute in Stony Creek Cave and return it to Inge Six Fingers in the Bards College.

Known locationsEdit


  • The "lute" music in Skyrim is not recorded with a lute, but rather with a modern classical guitar.


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