Lymdrenn Telvanni was once a member of the Great House Telvanni during the Accession War in 4E 6, in the province of Morrowind. Lymdrenn was a casualty of the Accession War, when the Argonians under the command of the An-Xileel, invaded Morrowind and slaughtered House Telvanni.


Fourth EraEdit

Lymdrenn Telvanni was a prominent member of the Great House Telvanni, who had a wife on his side. In 4E 5, Lymdrenn had a son named Brandyl Telvanni, whose born on the same year as the Red Year, when Red Mountain erupted, sending an endless flurry of ash across Vvardenfell. When the An-Xileel took over in faraway Black Marsh, they amassed an invasion force onto the weakened Morrowind, attacking various city-states including Tear and Mournhold. The Argonians sought to destroy House Telvanni, and so the various strongholds were destroyed, leaving little to no survivors. Both Lymdrenn and his wife both died at the hands of the Argonians, in agony and pain.[1]


By his request, Lymdrenn had his wet nurse named Hidyra Olen take his child, Brandyl Telvanni far away from the destruction, to the west. Olen and the remaining Telvanni took a ship known as the Pride of Tel Vos, escaping Morrowind. Olen was able to keep Lymdrenn's journal so that Brandyl will know his heritage. Unfortunately, the Pride of Tel Vos crashed onto the shores of Skyrim, specifically along the coast of Winterhold. Hidyra Olen had lost Brandyl amidst the wreckage. Young Brandyl was found by an Argonian Couple, who took him in and returned to Black Marsh, where Brandyl was raised as Brand-Shei. Several years later in 4E 201, Brand-Shei returned to Skyrim after he learned of his background. He was able to learn about his heritage, but it is unknown what he did with this information.[1][2]