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"I feel powerful enough to take on Umaril the Unfeathered, himself! I feel ... like a warrior again!"
―Lyris to the Vestige, after regaining her axe[src]

Lyris Titanborn is a Nord half-giant and a member of the original Five Companions. She is encountered while fleeing from Coldharbour through The Wailing Prison. She points the way towards The Prophet, while later on, she will play an important role in the main questline.


Soul Shriven in ColdharbourEdit

Lyris guides the Vestige out of Coldharbour. She reveals that she is still alive, but her and The Prophet are still prisoners there. She rescues The Prophet from his cell, but in return she takes his place.

The HarborageEdit

Daughter of GiantsEdit

The Vestige must help her overcome her fears to escape Coldharbour. Lyris' mother died in childbirth, and she always felt that her father blamed her for her mother's death. She was teased during training for her size.

Chasing ShadowsEdit


  • "I don't like this. But if it's the only way to find Sai Sahan, I'm with you." — (Before entering Coldharbour during Castle of the Worm)