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M'aiq travels around Tamriel and spreads his wisdom. This M'aiq is likely an ancestor of the previous M'aiq, since The Elder Scrolls Online takes place hundreds of years before the other Elder Scrolls games.


  • M'aiq tried to swim out to sea, but had to turn back. Slaughterfish. Always the slaughterfish.
    • Referring to how the sea travel is made impossible due to Slaughterfish.
  • "Come no closer" said the ghost, so M'aiq did not. But she kept saying it, wherever he went.
    • Referring to NPCs appearing where players go.
  • Wood Elves aren't made of wood. Sea Elves aren't made of water. M'aiq still wonders about High Elves.
    • Referring to how a person using drugs is known as "being high".
  • M'aiq wonders why merchants boast of spacious bags, but never how much weight they carry.
    • Referring to the inventory being in number of inventory slots, instead of weight like in previous games.
  • M'aiq speaks with many in his travels. After a time, they seem to repeat themselves. Strange.
    • Referring to how some NPCs say the same quote again. This is most likely referring to town guards saying a well-known quote: "I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow to the knee."
  • No ships depart for the Summerset Isles. M'aiq wonders if the High Elves made them up.
  • M'aiq despises bats. Tiny, winged skeevers. Disgusting!
  • M'aiq heard an old-time speak of lost mittens. Keep looking, M'aiq. Mittens will turn up somewhere.
  • M'aiq can't tell Spider Cultists apart from the usual riffraff. Perhaps they need matching uniforms?
  • Sea Elves? Do you see Elves, from the sea?
  • Have you seen dragons? No? M'aiq thinks they must be hiding...for now.
    • Referring to the fact that Online takes place before Skyrim and, therefore, before the Dragon Crisis.
  • M'aiq doesn't care if the tunnels beneath Wayrest are a feat of engineering. The smell is horrific!
  • M'aiq paid a merchant to ship his things to Stormhaven. Half went to Stormhold, the rest to Haven. Stupid merchant.
  • Step on sand and burn your feet. Bury feet in sand and grit gets under the claws. Poor choice for M'aiq.
  • When M'aiq enters a new place, he pictures it within himself and meditates for a short time.
    • This might be a reference to the loading screen and the pictures you see when entering a new location.
  • M'aiq was told to stay away from Oldgate. This confused him. M'aiq remembers when it was called "Gate".
  • Can vampires have families? How? Perhaps M'aiq does not wish to know.
  • When young, M'aiq wished to attend an adventurer's school. But Tamriel has more crypts than schools.
    • This might reference that there are no school houses in Tamriel.
  • M'aiq thinks those with the most wine can never truly be pleased. This is why he drinks water.
  • M'aiq wonders why some people in Tamriel seem more prominent than others.
    • This could be a reference to essential characters, or the nobility system present in the Elder Scrolls universe.
  • M'aiq cares little for politics. Truly, he thinks everyone is his ally.
  • M'aiq's father was Qia'm, from a long line of Qia'ms. But M'aiq does not believe this. His father was a known liar.
    • Qiam is M'aiq backwards. This is a variation from M'aiq's quote from Skyrim, where he states that all of his ancestors were also called M'aiq.
  • M'aiq fishes wherever there is water. He finds it is far less crowded.
    • Referencing that the player can only fish from fishing holes.
  • Volenfell is where the famous Dwarven hammer fell, yes? M'aiq wonders if "Where the Hammer Fell" is a better name.
  • Redguards fear the undead, but why? The gnawing upon the flesh? The stench of death? Hmm. Perhaps M'aiq understands.
  • M'aiq asked an Argonian if she could breathe underwater. She asked if he could see in the dark. M'aiq had no good answer.
  • Do not drink the water that glows. M'aiq learned this the hard way.
  • M'aiq could not find the Tower of Lies. Molag Bal plays a joke' yes?
  • The witches and witch hunters bicker so much. M'aiq wonders if they fancy each other.
  • M'aiq speaks the truth, except for when he doesn't. With you, always the truth.
  • M'aiq once met Captain Blackheart and his raiders. M'aiq can think of a better word to describe them.
  • The Elves here have so many titles, all of them fancy. M'aiq prefers a simple one.
  • Some enjoy bringing grief to others. They remind M'aiq of mudcrabs - horrible creatures, with no redeeming qualities.
  • Why the need for embassies? M'aiq thinks all are ambassadors, wherever they go.
  • M'aiq once climbed the Elden Tree. Then he learned of the stairs inside. Good thing, for his claws began to hurt.
  • M'aiq regrets few things. Failing to wear boots in a swamp is one of them.
    • This is a reference to M'aiq's first appearance in the Elder Scrolls lore; Morrowind. Back then, the Beast races of Argonian and Khajiit could not wear boots. M'aiq could only be found on a small island in the Sheogorad Region, which is one of two microclimates within the game which can be classified as swamp.
  • M'aiq had a horrible dream last night. Mudcrabs, flying through the air. Horrible!
    • Referring to players not being able to sleep.
  • M'aiq used to travel alone, but he has grown accustomed to joining his friends.
  • M'aiq has never seen so many Orcs in one place. Even their forges have forges.
  • M'aiq heard much of Headman Bhosek, but saw very little. For the best, M'aiq thinks.
  • M'aiq thinks the maddest thing about the Vaults of Madness is their location.
  • Come back later. We can talk some more!
    • Told by M'aiq when he has nothing more to say.


  • If the player speaks to M'aiq in each zone except Cyrodiil, they will get an achievement called "I Like M'aiq", as well as a dye called Liar's Linen.
    • The picture for the achievement is two fishsticks.