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Not to be confused with Madesi, M'dirr, or M'dasha.

M'desi is a Khajiit found on the Hill of Suicides.


M'Desi's soul is trapped on the Hill of Suicides, a place that all who kill themselves are bound to as part of a curse. He cannot be interacted with, but his soul can be freed if his skull is returned to his spirit.

His skull can be found in the Sanctum zone of Rotten Den.


Ghosts of the Hill of SuicidesEdit

It is a crime in the Shivering Isles to commit suicide, the punishment for that poor soul is eternally trapped on the Hill of Suicides. The only way to break the curse is if somebody is to return the skull to its spirit.



  • For some reason, once the game starts he is marked as a creature.


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