"M'nashi was my assistant! He helped me make my candy! He so loved his sugar, did M'nashi. Loved it a little too much, I'm afraid! He died, you see. His, ah, sweet tooth got the better of him."
―Uncle Sweetshare[src]

M'nashi was a Khajiit assisting Uncle Sweetshare refine moon sugar in Uncle Sweetshare's Workshop. His corpse can be found on the northern side of the workshop.


M'nashi was the assistant of Uncle Sweetshare and helped him produce moon sugar.

M'nashi had accidently overdosed on the drug and died. Uncle Sweetshare says he buried him outside and allegedly "all the horkers came to sing" for the now deceased Khajiit. In reality M'nashi was not buried, but instead his corpse was left lying exposed in the snow, but it is unknown if the horkers did come to sing for him.


The Moon Sugar MysteryEdit

M'nashi was one of the victims of the moon sugar made by Uncle Sweetshare.



  • Khajiit are often known to have moon sugar and skooma addictions, similar to M'nashi's case.
  • M'nashi was intended to be an NPC called Cingor, who was a Bosmer and had a different song. This was changed before the release of the DLC, but can still be found in the game files with the ID cingor.