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Ma'jhad is a Khajiit warrior who travels the roads of Skyrim.


He is found traveling alongside Ma'dran's caravan, between Windhelm and Solitude. He, along with Ra'zhinda, serves as a guard for Ma'dran and his caravan. He may also train the Dragonborn in Lockpicking up to the Expert level. Additionally, Ma'jhad is a fence for the Thieves Guild.


  • "The warm sand of Elsweyr is far away from here."
  • "This one needs something?"
  • "Do you seek to make a purchase?"
  • "The wind blows bitter cold in this place."
  • "We are creatures of the desert. The north wind chills us to the bones."
  • "The longer we travel the roads of Skyrim, the more empty this land seems."
  • "Khajiit welcomes you, and your coin."
  • "The road makes this one weary."
  • "Warm sands, friend. How may this one serve you?
  • "The roads of Skyrim lead to many dangers."
  • "How can I assist, hmm?"
  • "Fortune smiles upon this meeting."
  • "Khajiit has wares, if you have coin."
  • "Welcome to you."
  • "All right, but if you get arrested, don't blame it on me" ―When asked for training in Lockpicking.


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