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Found during the quest, Unfriendly Competition, this book also contains an Easter egg.

Known locationsEdit


Recently DeceasedEdit

Ferdelus Wagariun - Imperial City

Quilted Doublet
Green Silk Pants
Gold Trimmed Shoes
Gold Ring

K'sirr - Cheydinhal

Green and Blue Outfit
Green Velvet Shoes
Silver Amulet with Blue Stone
Silver Ring

Nodur Cloud-Seeker - Bruma

Fine Silk Robe
Silk Shoes
Fine Ashen Cane with Inlaid Copper
Gold Ring

Nodaria Wythel - Bravil

Blue Dress
Blue Suede Shoes
Fine Silver Necklace
Gold Ring with Polished Stones
Gold Ring with Red Stone

Kaylah Swinchell - Bravil

White Dress with Floral Pattern
Gold Trimmed Cow Hide Shoes
Gemmed Necklace
Gold Ring with Onyx Stones

Dondlar - Leyawiin

Green Brocade Doublet
Green Silk Pants
Green Velvet Shoes with Gold Thread Trimming
Polished Wood Box with Silver Fittings
Small Polished Staute of Azure Stone (in box)

Holithanius - Cheydinhal

Decorative Leather Armor with Gold Buckles
Silver Longsword (Personalized)
Soft Leather Boots
Glass Ring

Oford Gabings - Anvil

Travel Cloak with Silver and Green Leaf Fastener
Enchanted Shortsword with Inlaid Writing
Gold Ring with Inscription (Cursed?)
Leather Bound Travel Journal

Sellina Rotona - Imperial City

Red Velvet Dress
Red and Gold Velvet Shoes
Silver Necklace with Locket
Silver Ring with Blue Stones


  • Oford Gabings is an anagram of Frodo Baggins, a character from the Lord of the Rings book and film series. He is documented in Macabre Manifest as having the items he carried throughout the series. See Oford Gabings and Easter Eggs (Oblivion) for more information.


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