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For other uses, see Mad Urkazbur's Ice-Effigy.



History isn't relegated to the past. It is created every day with each significant event that takes place. Take, for example, the threat of the ogre shaman, Mad Urkazbur. This ogre elder has arisen as a powerful leader among the brutish creatures, gathering a small army in the wilds of northern Wrothgar.

Not only does the mad ogre command his poweful brethren, but he seems to posses the magic to control snow and ice. His impressive abilities include the power to create enchanted duplicates of himself made entirely of ice. These effigies start out small, about the size of a child's doll, and grow large enough to fight at his side.

Once this clear and present danger is dealt with, the museum would love to display an ice-effigy to commemorate the event. If collected before fully enchanted, the effigy remains small and frozen - a perfect relic of a recent threat.


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