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Madam Firilanya is an Altmer tailor, and a crafting hireling who will send a letter every real-life day containing various clothing supplies, as well as an update on her status.

Letters from Madam FirilanyaEdit

Day OneEdit

Madam Firilanya, at your service. A true pleasure to become your exclusive outfitter. Your sartorial expertise is known even in the Summerset Isles. With my extensive mercantile connections, I shall source materials so you may create the finest-fitting -- and looking! -- armors. I've enclosed proof of my diligence. Expect regular deliveries!

Day TwoEdit

Once again, a timely delivery. I do hope you are pleased with the contents. The seasonal rains nearly washed them from the docks, but a good Altmer securing chain is worth its weight in gold. Unless you're imprisoned, of course.

Day ThreeEdit

I don't know why High Elven names confuse many throughout Tamriel, but to help bridge cultural differences, I answer to "Miss Firi" or "Madam Lanya," as well as my given name. A competitor of mine once called me "Fishwife Firi," so I undercut her prices until she left town. I had to draw the line somewhere.

Day FourEdit

I never understand complaints made about nautical travel. You begin and end each journey in port. There you can find excellent deals for materials, such as what I have enclosed. The sea salt should wash right off.


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