"I beg you, don't go into Silus's museum."


Madena is a Breton mage and the court wizard of Jarl Skald of Dawnstar.

She may be found inside The White Hall in Dawnstar. She can also be seen outside Silus Vesuius' house arguing with Silus when the Dragonborn is about to begin the quest "Pieces of the Past". She advises the Dragonborn against entering his house.


Madena reveals she is a veteran of the Great War, and she recounts what she witnessed. She disapproved of using magic to kill young Elven men and women; she vowed never to use magic for destruction, but only to assist the people of Dawnstar.


She offers various spell tomes, mage robes, soul gems and scrolls, but only during normal business hours.


  • She will send hired thugs in response to theft of her property.
  • She shares some similarities with Falkreath's priest of Arkay, Runil: Both fought in the Great War, and both vowed to only use their magic for good afterwards.