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Race Argonian
Gender Male
Level 8
Class Pawnbroker
Services Merchant
Ref ID 00021EA6
Base ID 0001B072
Not to be confused with M'desi.

"Jewelry with legendary Argonian craftsmanship!"

Madesi is an Argonian jeweler found in Riften's town square. Madesi lives with two other beggars in Beggar's Row next to Riften's canal.


Madesi is one of the few remaining traditional Saxhleel jewelers within Tamriel. Bandits and other such troubles have made journeys to mines and other towns difficult. His profession becomes more and more difficult each day, thus he asks the Dragonborn for assistance with obtaining supplies. He rewards the Dragonborn with gold and an item of jewelry.


Ringmaker quest items locationEdit

See Precious Gems for more information about some of these locations.


  • "Buying and selling fine jewelery here!"
  • "Fine jewelry and gleaming gemstones over here!"
  • "Jewelry with legendary Argonian craftsmanship!"
  • "Beautiful baubles and gleaming gemstones, over here!"
  • "Greetings honored friend. Can I interest you in some fine jewelery?"
  • "Ours is to smile at your passing, friend."
  • "If anything pleases the eye, don't hesitate to make me an offer."
  • "Good journey, marsh friend."
  • "Tidings."
  • "Safe travels, Landstrider."
  • If sneaking - "You remind me of the Shadowscales from the old histories."


  • Quest markers do not appear on the map for Ringmaker errands. (This is because they do not have specific locations. mammoths, NPC's, randomly spawned in chest, etc.).
  • If the Dragonborn is Argonian, upon exiting conversation with him, he calls them "Marsh-friend". If the Dragonborn is not Argonian, he calls them "Land-strider"
  • Madesi (and other vendors in Riften marketplace) can be killed by Thieves Guild members in the random fights.
  • Despite being a jeweler and wearing expensive clothes, he sleeps in Beggar's Row on the lower platforms of Riften at night, most likely because of the troubles in his work.
    • A conversation about this can be heard in Haelga's Bunkhouse, where Svana Far-Shield asks him to take up residence in the Bunkhouse. Madesi replies that he likes the cold and dampness of Beggar's Row, though Svana thinks it's because of discrimination/troubles at work that keep him there.
  • He can be killed by a dragon (or any other enemy/character) making it impossible to finish the ringmaker quests. (Save can be reloaded of course).
  • He makes the Marks of Dibella for Haelga.


This section contains bugs related to Madesi. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  2. Always try reloading an old save first, before asking for assistance.
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  • Sometimes when you approach Madesi you will not be able to interact with him. Entering and leaving a building should fix this.
  • Madesi's base_id is invalid.
  • Madesi's Silver Ring is sometimes missing from his strongbox during the quest A Chance Arrangement.
  •  360   When trying to return the quest items to Madesi when you hit show on map it tells you he is in Fort Sungard rather than Riften.


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