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"Can you get me out of here?"
―Madura Seran[src]

Madura Seran is a Dunmer Pilgrim who is currently being held hostage at Aidanat Camp. After the Nerevarine rescues her during the course of the quest "Rescue Madura Seran," she relocates to the Ald Velothi Outpost.


Rescue Madura SeranEdit

Three Ashlanders from Aidanat Camp have kidnapped Madura. The residents of Ald Velothi have asked the Imperial Legion for help in freeing her, and as such General Darius tasks the Nerevarine with rescuing her.


Madura has the following items in her inventory:


Rescue Madura SeranEdit

"Can you get me out of here? Let's travel together."

travel together "Do you want me to follow you? Abassel will try and kill me if I leave."
Follow me. "Lead me to the Ald Velothi outpost."
Wait here. "Okay. I'll stay right here until you come and get me."