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Maelkashishi is a Daedric Ruin in the West Gash on Vvardenfell, Morrowind. The shrine inside it is dedicated to the Daedric Prince of Madness Sheogorath.



Tuls Valen of the Tribunal Temple wants the Nerevarine to reenact Vivec's compassionate healing of a foe. As Bulfim gra-Shugarz inside Maelkashishi is infected with Ash-chancre, they must find and heal her.

Master IndexEdit

Folms Mirel tells the Nerevarine of Propylon Indexes which can be assembled to create a master index that would allow teleportation between the Caldera Mages Guild hall and Propylon Chambers discovered in the Dunmer Strongholds located throughout Vvardenfell.



Notable itemsEdit


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