"I am sorry, fellow magister, but I don't have time to talk right now. My studies keep me very busy, as you can imagine!"
―Mage Apprentice[src]

Mage Apprentice quote

Mage Apprentices are characters found within the Arcane University. These apprentices are low-ranking members of the Mages Guild. Wearing the Robe of the Apprentice, which are green, these mages are either male or female and are typically Imperial or Breton.


Upon becoming Arch-Mage, after Hannibal Traven's death, two Mage Apprentices can be recruited as followers. They can be instructed to wait, follow, or return to the University. Upon their deaths, additional Apprentices can be recruited. There is a finite number, so once all of them die, no more can be recruited.

Assaulting or murdering a Mage Apprentice is grounds for immediate expulsion from the guild. At this point, the guild must be rejoined by collecting twenty Dragon's Tongues and twenty Redwort Flowers, or alternatively twenty Daedra Hearts and twenty Vampire Dust, respectively.

Battle tacticsEdit

In battle, Mage Apprentices rely on a set of randomized, leveled spells. Of these spells, bound items, particularly Bound Greaves and Bound Axe are the most common. Aside from this, the mages wield leveled enchanted daggers and their apprentice robes.